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Lead Vocals


Bringing great energy and expression to both the bass and vocals, Andy joined Think Floyd USA in 2019. His interest in music began at 13 with friends who were learning guitar and drums. He picked up a bass that was lying around, and the rest is a history of original metal and prog rock.


Andy remembers hearing Pink Floyd as a young child, but it wasn’t until he saw the video for “Learning To Fly” on MTV that the music really caught his attention. The genuine songwriting, the atmosphere it creates, and the exceptional lyrics keep him inspired today.


Fun Facts:

  • Birthday: September 14

  • Hometown: Chicago

  • Favorite Floyd: Playing “Pigs,” and listening to Wish You Were Here

  • Favorite Treat: Cheeseburgers

What you’d never guess…Andy is unbeatable at Seinfeld trivia. (Hello, Newman.)

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