Assistant Tour Manager / Driver

Security / Photographer

Beloved “band dad,” Bob does everything from driving the van to coordinating meals and lodging to photographing shows to helping the high-heel-wearing backup vocalists off stage in the dark. Think Floyd USA adores him without reservation and couldn’t do it without him.


As a high school student, Bob tried several instruments and knows what it takes to play well, though he says he didn’t quite get there himself. His brother hooked him on Pink Floyd. He loves traveling with the TFUSA performers, who make him feel like a kid again, and trading stories on the road.


Fun Facts:


  • Birthday: January 22

  • Hometown: Waterloo, IA

  • Favorite Floyd: The Animals album

  • Favorite Treat: Rare steak, and breakfast any time of day


What you’d never guess…Bob used to fly airplanes back in the ‘60s.