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Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar

Lead Vocals

Affectionately called "Eric Freakin' Davies" after revealing his signature chops in early rehearsals, Eric joined Think Floyd USA in 2014.  A self-taught guitarist, Eric has performed with Pink Floyd tribute shows since 2009 and serves as TFUSA's resident Floyd trivia guru.  He also has performed with several original bands and also performed on a critically acclaimed Bill Cornish album.

Eric's first guitar was a present for his fourteenth birthday, and he got his start playing Pink Floyd songs in a garage band with his high school friends.  As part of TFUSA, Eric loves the opportunity to channel the guitar tones and vocals of his musical hero.

Fun Facts:

  • Birthday: January 18

  • Hometown: Shabona, IL

  • Favorite Floyd: "A Pillow of Winds"

  • Favorite Treat: Tacos


What you'd never guess...Eric used to own a Food Truck!

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