The beating heart of Think Floyd USA, Keith records and performs original music and is an instructor and director at School of Rock Chicago.


Keith began drumming on his mother’s kitchen utensils at four years old, then trained extensively with Richard Johnson, Louis Ciontea, Dave Hoffman, Larry Colletti and Ted Sirota.


Pink Floyd’s The Wall album was released when Keith was a teenager and has stayed with him. He views Pink Floyd music as the perfect blend of technique and expression. Keith relishes the challenge of making a show the size of TFUSA sound great on a big stage, and the feeling of family the band has created over the years.


Fun Facts:


  • Birthday: September 11

  • Hometown: Streamwood, IL

  • Favorite Floyd: All of it!

  • Favorite Treat: Steak and bourbon


What you’d never guess…Keith is the co-owner of two beautiful birds, a Senegal parrot and an Indian ring neck.