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Backing Vocals (Mezzo)

A versatile singer and energetic stage presence, Nicky joined Think Floyd USA in 2015. She has been the lead vocalist for jazz groups, trained with The Casco Bay Movers in jazz dancing, toured the US with The Louis Cooperation, and has performed over 900 shows with a national touring company.


Nicky started singing in her sixth-grade choir. She found Pink Floyd’s The Wall album while rummaging through her mother’s music as a high school student, and knew she had unearthed something special. In TFUSA, Nicky is excited to have found a musical family and fans that just plain rock.


Fun Facts:


  • Birthday: February 9

  • Hometown: Pine Point Beach, ME

  • Favorite Floyd: The Animals album

  • Favorite Treat: Beer and cake, in either order


What you’d never guess…Nicky paid for some of her college expenses by winning arm wrestling matches in bars. (Look at those guns!)

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